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  • TRI-AOI-TR7700_SII_Plus


TR7700 SII Plus

The World's First Hybrid AOI: the TR7700 SII Plus. Utilizing a new hybrid inspection design, the TR7700 SII Plus can leverage both stop-and-go strategy and dynamic imaging to achieve optimal inspection performance on all types of PCBAs, e.g.: Inspection Cycle Time Reduction. Simply switch the inspection mode to determine the best approach for your product.

  • Features

    • Flexible Stop-and-Go or Dynamic Imaging AOI
    • Intelligent Easy Programming Interface
    • Rapid Changeover with Intelligent Auto Conveyor
    • Foreign Material and Extra Component Inspection
    • 6 µm or 10 μm or 15 μm resolution
  • Dimensions
    • Size: TR7700 SII Plus: 1000 x 1400 x 1650 mm;
      TR7700 SII Plus DL: 1000 x 1500 x 1650 mm.

      Note: not including signal tower, signal tower height 520 mm
    • Weight:
      TR7700 SII Plus: 600 kg
      TR7700 SII Plus DL: 650 kg
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