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  • TRI-AOI-TR7700_SIII_Ultra_CI


TR7700 SIII Ultra CI

The TR7700 SIII Ultra CI is a cutting-edge Conformal Coating Inspection with improved optical design and specialized multi-phase lighting for detecting coating issues, and can measure coating thickness and inspect dispensed flux and glue. The TR7700 SIII Ultra CI is a powerful tool for manufacturers looking to optimize their production's yield rate and enable the Connected Factory.

  • Features

    • Conformal Coating Inspection Solution for Multiple Applications
    • Smart Programming with Coating Area Auto Learning Functionality
    • High Precision Coating Thickness Measurement with Laser Sensor* (*optional)
    • Industry Leading High Throughput, High Speed Inspection
    • Flux and Glue Inspection Capabilities
    • Smart Factory Ready with Real-time SPC Trends
  • Dimensions
    • Size: TR7700 SIII Ultra CI: 1100 x 1720 x 1710 mm.
      Note: not including signal tower, signal tower height 515 mm
    • Weight: TR7700 SIII Ultra CI: 940 kg
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