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  • TRI-AOI-TR7500QE



The TR7500QE AOI offers high performance 3D solder and assembly inspection by combining the next generation multi-angle 2D and 3D technologies based on 4-way adaptive digital fringe pattern projection and 4 side view cameras. Latest inspection software ensures quick CAD-based programming and features fully customizable templates.

  • Features

    • Multi-angle 2D + 3D Coverage
    • 4-way Digital Fringe Projectors
    • 4 Side View Cameras
    • Up to 40 mm 3D Height Range
    • High Speed CoaXPress Imaging
    • Optional 3D Laser Module
  • Dimensions
    • Size: TR7500QE: 1100 x 1730 x 1750 mm;
      TR7500L QE: 1250 x 1880 x 1750 mm;
      TR7500QE DL: 1100 x 1830 x 1750 mm.
      Note: not including signal tower, signal tower height 520 mm
    • Weight:
      TR7500QE: 920 kg
      TR7500L QE: 1170 kg
      TR7500QE DL: 950 kg
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