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  • DediProg-AICP-ProgMaster_U8


ProgMaster (U4/U8)

ProgMaster-U4/U8 is a gang programmer with ultra high speed, which supports all IC families on the market. Equipped with 4 or 8 programming sites with an LCD keypad that allows stand-alone function. ProgMaster-U4/U8 has been designed and optimized to reach IC maximum performances without compromise on the programming quality, stability, and reliability. Making it the best value for mass production.

  • Features

    • High programming speed   -- Built-in high-speed processor to achieve high programming speed.
    • Completely support all IC families and packages   -- EEPROM, MCU, SPI NOR/NAND Flash, Parallel NOR/NAND Flash, eMMC/eMCP, CPLD, FPGA...etc.   -- DIP, SOP, SSOP, TSOP, PLCC, QFN, BGA...etc.   -- Regular software update.
    • Software supports NAND FLASH skip Bad Block and partition programming.
    • Built-in memory card slot for project programming
    • One computer can connect to multiple ProgMaster-U8 at the same time.
    • Stand-alone function allows you to program without a computer and only need to select and start the project programming through LCD keypad.
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