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  • AlgoCraft-AICP-WriteNow8_ISP


WriteNow! ISP (2/4/8)

Based on the proprietary WriteNow! Technology, the WriteNow! Series of In-System Programmers is a breakthrough in the programming industry. The programmers support a large number of devices (microcontrollers, memories, CPLDs and other programmable devices) from various manufacturers and have a compact size for easy ATE/fixture integration. They work in standalone or connected to a host PC (RS-232, LAN and USB connections are built-in), and are provided with easy-to-use software utilities.

The WriteNow! Series is available in four models, which share a common in-system programming core. Single-site model features a relay barrier on ISP I/O lines.

  • WN-PRG01A 1-Site
  • WN-PRG02A 2-Site
  • WN-PRG04A 4-Site
  • WN-PRG08A 8-Site

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