World-class Test Solutions for Electronics Manufacturing

Test Repair Inspection U.K. (TRI-UK) leads the way in bringing the world's best systems for electronics test & inspection to Europe, with exclusive distribution agreements, and the kind of support you only expect from a trusted partner.

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We are proudly partnered with some of the world's top providers of test systems, with exclusive distribution for UK and Ireland.


We know only too well that your profitability depends on reliability and efficiency

Find out more about how we work with the most reliable and efficient equipment available, and how we thoroughly check it all and make sure it is ready to go, before it gets to you.


Fully integrated solutions, support & training

We know how vital it is that your test and inspection equipment is well integrated into your systems and your team are given the knowledge to control it. We provide support and training of the highest level. 


We bring as much attention to detail as you seek with your production

TRI-UK provides test and inspection solutions for manufacturers of PCBs and related electronics, all over the world. Our current areas of focus:

PCB assembly inspection
Electrical In-Circuit and Functional Test
Instrumentation & software
High reliability ISP/Flash Programming 

Precision and Accuracy

We work with only the most precise and accurate systems available today. And we make sure of that ourselves, before we take on agreements with any of our suppliers.

Reliable and Consistent Results

We commit to ensuring that the results you obtain from our solutions are reliable and consistent for the long haul. We'll check back on it, agan and again.


We commit to nothing less than faultless reliability & consistency.

We stand by our equipment with 100% commitment to ensuring your production benefits to the fullest value and we don't let it go until we've made sure of a fully reliable integration. Our sales support service starts from the moment you place your order.  

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